Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The World Wide Photography Gala Awards : Honourable Mention in Beauty


I had almost forgotten I had entered this competition. So it was a nice suprise the other day ot receive an email form the organisers of the International Gala Awards to say that one of my images had received and 'Honourable mention' in their competition and was being published in the Gala book "The Beauty Around Us".

The image itself is over a year old, and my fashion work has taken a more produced direction, so it is good to see the image getting recognition in the competion.

Read more about the award here.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Subways : Exclusive Live show via Pledge Music


Pledge Music is a new kind of business model ; One where the artists ask the fans to pledge a donation towards their goal, with a percentage of the money going to charity too. Indie heroes The Subways decided to make their the new album via the pledge system, fans who supported them would get a special edition of the album and entry to a series of secret intimate gigs.

After recently shooting some press shots for Rocksound with The Subways I was invited to shoot their secret show. I'm really intrigued by this approach ; It certainly means the band will only get to make the album if there is a demand, which must be cool (and a little scary, since the band might feel extra pressure to please the fans). All I know for sure is that the venue was packed and there was the kind of banter between the band and the audience that you usually only get at home shows or on the club circuit. Everyone (including the band) seemed to really enjoy the show and the vibe was one of positivity and fun, could this be the future?

Go see more images from their set click here.