Friday, 29 January 2010

Hellfire and other Updates.

I've been a bit slack with updating this blog over the last two weeks... sorry about that. I have a good excuse. Really. Honest I do. Actually I've been working on the planning for a new project that I'm quite excited about and I've already got the results from the first shoot, which were way above the standard I was expecting to achieve for it. When I sent through the tearsheet I got a phone call a few minutes later expressing how pleased they were. Getting a call like that makes for a good start to the working day.

Some of the things I have been working on I'm not allowed to show until after they have been published, so to make up for it I'm including some photos from a recent performance I shot at the Hockney Gallery @ RCA. The pieces were performed by Leah Capaldi, Mylen Eliot and Andi Walker.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

HKTDC World Boutique

The world is full of surprises, so it was nice to get an email from a client showing me how they are still getting value out of photos from an old session we did. This link took me to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council Website, and the above image is a screen-grab from the front page (click to see the site). My image is the one on the right (next to the Vivienne Westwood and MANGO images), selected to represent the boutique's expansion to cover companies that add 'an exciting new dimension' to fashion. It just goes to show that among a flurry of tweets, status updates and viral marketing tools, people still notice when a strong image comes their way.