Friday, 29 January 2010

Hellfire and other Updates.

I've been a bit slack with updating this blog over the last two weeks... sorry about that. I have a good excuse. Really. Honest I do. Actually I've been working on the planning for a new project that I'm quite excited about and I've already got the results from the first shoot, which were way above the standard I was expecting to achieve for it. When I sent through the tearsheet I got a phone call a few minutes later expressing how pleased they were. Getting a call like that makes for a good start to the working day.

Some of the things I have been working on I'm not allowed to show until after they have been published, so to make up for it I'm including some photos from a recent performance I shot at the Hockney Gallery @ RCA. The pieces were performed by Leah Capaldi, Mylen Eliot and Andi Walker.