Thursday, 6 January 2011

A Good Start to 2011 and a Challenge to YOU

The above photograph is of Mike Cooper, a 'Vans Clothing' sponsored BMXer, goofing off in-between takes on a shoot back in summer. The weather now as I look outside of my window couldn't be much different.

Welcome to 2011, I hope you all had a good break over the festive period.
I was thinking about to do a 'highlights of 2010' post, but decided you have probably read enough of them already.I was blessed with good fortune last year, and had many opportunities that I thought no longer existed, such as being flown to the USA to do magazine shoots. I've been lucky enough to have loyal clients who I continue to enjoy working with. I've also met, and worked with, a range of famous names and not come across a single ego that got in the way of making good photographs. Had several magazine covers and got far more press attention than I could have predicted (all of it good I must add).

I'm currently in the process of finished off some new concept shoots and this is why I won't be updating the content of this site until Feb.

As a nice end to 2010, The Royal Photographic Society (RPS) contacted me to tell me that the judges selected one of my images to be part of their touring showcase exhibition. Clearly this is an honour as they only select 100 images for this two year exhibition. It believe it opens in about 8 weeks time, and when I have more information I will be posting more here.


As a kick-start to the new year, I challenge you to tell me what your favourite image that you took in 2010 is, and why? If you are feeling brave, and it is online, link to it too. Just for fun.