Saturday, 18 June 2011

Anatomy of a Cover Shoot : Feature in Practical Photography

Last month Practical Photography Magazine asked if they could follow me on a shoot and do a "day in the life" feature.

If you ever wanted to know what gear I use on a shoot, or how I run a shoot, then pick up the July 2011 issue to find out! I wondered if I would find it stressful having a photographer following me and a writer ready to turn the shoot into a story. Afterall, I'm usually the one shooting and not the one being photographed! It turns out I didn't have anything to worry about, it didn't feel any different to a shoot where I have an art director, client or creative director and their team on set with me. The shoot itself went well, although typically the one time a piece of gear dies it would be when we are shooting a behind the scenes feature, fortunately a quick swap to my second lighting trigger meant the shoot wasn't slowed down. A good example of why it is important to make sure you bring back-up gear on shoots. The magazine that the cover shot was taken for will be gracing the shelves of WHSmiths in just over a month. Practical Photography also put up a sneak peak behind the scenes gallery too, click through to see more.